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About the rise foundation

The RISE Foundation serves the communities in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. We provide funds and access to services that are unavailable or not afffordable in the area – but ones that are desperately needed. This covers all aspects of life here from conservation to domestic animals to community. 

One of our most important current projects is providing spay/neuter clinics in the remote Tortuguero area (as well as providing vaccination and health clinics). While these clinics are necessary they only provide short term relief and are not a long term solution. The only real way to solve this crisis in the community is to provide a working veterinary clinic which was also serve all nearby communities with the same issues. 

Help us build a clinic

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When domestic animals and wildlife meet, it's a recipe for socio-ecological disaster. This is an ongoing effort that could be solved permanently with your help and love towards the project.


Help us to build a clinic in the Tortuguero region! With the nearest vet 3 hours away dogs & cats are unable to get the care they deserve. Their overpopulation is affecting local wildlife.


We have many other community projects in the area from supplying families with food, children with school supplies, organising kids activities, helping with wildlife conservation and more!

a sustainable future

By identifying the most prevalent challenges facing the Caribbean, the RISE Foundation uses a data-driven approach to help reduce or eliminate threats to the environment & the community. Our goal is a sustainable future for all of those who call this stunning region of Costa Rica home. Get in touch to find out how you can help!

Who we are

The RISE Foundation is a corporate charity. Simply put, this means that the primary source of revenue for our projects comes from our umbrella corporation, RISE Caribe (RISE Real Estate). 

The key advantage to this model is that RISE Caribe – the corporation – is also able to donate its human resources to the Foundation. RISE Caribe also has a large network of clients who have historically supported the Foundation’s initiatives.

By allocating some of our team’s paid hours to the Foundation, we are able to avoid administrative & other overhead costs typical in a dedicated Non-profit organization. We’re proud to say that 100% of your contribution goes directly to supporting the cause! 

our primary focus

The Foundation has six initiatives which we believe to be key to unlocking a healthy, prosperous future:

1) Animal Welfare
2) Arts, Creativity & Free Expression
3) Education & Civic Engagement
4) Human Rights & Community Development
5) Sports & Health
6) Wildlife Conservation

You can give a gift to the community in just a few clicks and 100% of your contribution will go directly to the initiative of your choice. All administrative and labor costs are donated by RISE Real Estate. You would be surprised how far even a $10 gift can go!

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