Who Are We?

All of our team volunteer their time for the foundation so that 100% of your donations go to our projects

Main Team

Shevonne Newton (CA)

Founder & CEO


Joe Milroy (CA) 

Founder & CEO

Sarah Kennedy (UK)

Executive Director

Laura López Sánchez (CR)

Volunteer Coordinator 

Our Board / Advisory Council

Fabian Henríquez Vargas (CR)

Stanislaus Golas (GUY) 

Mahta Samarghandi (IR/USA) 

Oscar Salas González (CR)

Lucia Quesada

Some of our amazing volunteers

Who we are

The RISE Foundation is a corporate charity. Simply put, this means that the primary source of revenue for our projects comes from our umbrella corporation, RISE Caribe (RISE Real Estate). 

The key advantage to this model is that RISE Caribe – the corporation – is also able to donate its human resources to the Foundation. RISE Caribe also has a large network of clients who have historically supported the Foundation’s initiatives.

By allocating some of our team’s paid hours to the Foundation, we are able to avoid administrative & other overhead costs typical in a dedicated Non-profit organization. We’re proud to say that 100% of your contribution goes directly to supporting the cause!