Our Projects


Working with the community, for the community

We support a range of community projects from assisting indigenous/low income families, children's education & disaster relief

One Love Children's Foundation

Puerto Viejo Escenciales

Our original foundation! PV Escenciales was started in 2020 as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. With the country of Costa Rica closed for what would be 6 months and the area heavily relying on tourism – we knew that there would be alot of people in need. Shevonne & Joe – founders of the RISE Foundation started programs and assisitance for the most vulnerable in the community. This program is still running under the RISE Foundation umbrella today! 

EL puente – the bridge project

One of the most incredible projects in the area and one that has been running for over a decade! This wonderful project helps to support and unit the indigenous populations of the area. Talamanca is one of the few areas left in Costa Rica that has a large population of indigenous people. This project helps to assist those in need, provide community and keep traditions alive. It is one of the projects that we are very proud to contribute towards.
El Puente Project



Community Events

Bringing various communities together, and the town as a whole, is something that is so important to foster community, and it is always wonderful to help with beautiful events that bring joy and happiness to many. In the past we have sponsored children’s surf competitions, Christmas parties, PRIDE events and more. As well as putting on our own community fundraisers! We always have more coming up – make sure to check out our events page to see what is happening in the local area. You won’t want to miss out!
Domestic Animals

Pets are family

Many local families here are unable to get proper care for their animals due to geographical or financial barriers. There are also many abandoned or stray cats & dogs in the region

Disaster Relief

Provding food and health care for families in need

Educating the next generation on good pet care and health for their cats & dogs

Clinic Tortuguero (Mira Meijer)_84

Running large scale spay & neuter clinics in remote areas. including Tortuguero & the limon region

Providing health care clinics and annual vaccinations for dogs & cats – something that is often unavailable.

Clinic San Francisco (Mira Meijer)_7

Creating happier, healthier lives for the dogs & cats of Costa Rica and giving communties the tools they need to care for their beloved family members.

Other organisations we support

Puerto Viejo Dogs

The only dog rescue in the Talamanca region – even though they do not have a true rescue centre the rely on foster homes and donations from all over the world to help the pups of Puerto Viejo. 


Los Gatitos de Marlies

Anothe rescue organisation that is very needed in this region – Marlies is also the only organisation working with stray cats, kittens and ones that have been abandoned in the area

Wildlife & Conservation

Helping to save local flora & Fauna

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, but sadly a lot of local wildlife species are in trouble due to habit fragmentation and development by humans into natural spaces. Our projects directly impact and assist dozens of different wildlife species from sloths to monkeys to endangered sea turtles. With the build of the new clinic in Tortuguero this will also act as a centre for animals injured due to human encroachment on the forests. This could be electructions, dog attacks or other human related incidents.

Other Organisations we support

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Coral Conservacion

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Sloth Conservation

Ara Project

The Sloth Conservation Foundation